Offensive Blogging

So basically, I went on omegle and asked both of these questions. Lots of people just disconnected immediately, but some conversations emerged. At first, I asked if straight people were ruining the world. There were a couple good answers before I started capping like “I don’t know what the asker is thinking.” as if to say I was crazy for suggesting it. Some were like the caps, and others just said “yes” or “no”. 

Then I asked if gay people were ruining the world. (I don’t believe either of these by the way) I got answers in both extremes. I was told I should be ashamed of myself for asking. And then there was that special one who could go on forever about how they were indeed. 

When I started, I started with the question about straight people because I wanted to see what people would do. You always hear how “gays are ruining everything”. I wanted to turn it on the people who say that. To make them think. Really I wanted to ask a third and fourth question about marriage. To ask the people who think gays are ruining the sanctity of marriage if they themselves could be ruining it. But I didn’t. 

It’s not quite what I expected when I started, but nonetheless, it says a lot about the people who use omegle.